Industry Core Packages

Service packages below based on the regulatory Laws affecting Specific industries

Services Choices available include Done for You "Compliance As A Service," vCISO, or Fractional CISO, consists of a certified expert providing guidance, oversight, and directing the implementation of your compliance program.
(Medical & Pharmacy and Contractors)

If you are in the medical or pharmaceutical business. This package covers requirements of HITRUST and HITECH as well.

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(Credit/Debit Card Payments Retail or E-Commerce)

Our Payment Card Industry Compliance Core is designed to meet requirements for the new 4.0 Guidelines.

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FTC Safeguard Rules (Non-Restricted to Industry / Catch-All)

The catch-all for businesses and organizations to "Safeguard" Personal Information when another rule doesn't apply.

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Insurance Brokers

Insurance Industry Compliance falls under several regulatory requirements including the primary FTC Safeguard Rules

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Mortgage Brokers

Anything involving RESPA falls under FTC Safeguard Rules 2023 among many other State Specific Regulations.

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Auto Dealers

Specifically named in the FTC Safeguard Rules, Auto Dealers falls under regulated industry requirements in 2023.

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Attorney / Law Firms

Is compliance required for a law firm? Absolutely! Attorneys wrote most of the regulatory rules under technical advisement.

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Financial Advisors

RIA, IA, Brokers, Investment Firms all fall under multiple regulatory requirements where if one does omit, the FTC Safeguard Rules picks up.

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Referrals Business

Specifically named in the FTC Safeguard Rules, Businesses working in Referrals fall under regulated industry requirements in 2023.

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Compliance Core (Self Serve or Outsourced)

Documentation Portal

Available, Accessible as needed for You, securely stored.

Password MFA/2FA

Policy Recommendations & Implementation Guidance

Risk Assessments

Requirements to find flaws before they are a tragic problem

Backup Archives

Data Accessibility Requirements include backups according to law and policies

Encryption Practices

Handling of Customer Information, Transmissions and Storage Assurance

Bug Alert? 

Are you using non-compliant systems and software? It can happen...

Cybersecurity Training Core & Custom services

Cloud Storage Security TRAINING

It's in the cloud, its safe! or is it? Hackers don't think so. 

Password Security TRAINING

Passwords are here to stay for some time.  Learn better password hygiene.

Personal Security Habits TRAINING

Coaching, deep-level coaching to help you discover what hackers look for.

Physical Security TRAINING

Personal and Corporate Security Training to tighten up the loose ends.

Data Security Awareness TRAINING

Personal handling of your own information and corporate IP training.

Website & Email Security Use TRAINING

Do you SEARCH and click without a thorough destination examination?

"If you Think Compliance is Expensive, Try Non-Compliance."

~Former US Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty

Cybersecurity is no longer the luxury option to have "by those big companies that make lots of money". It is mandated by regulatory codes and agencies with enforcement and authority to penalize, shut or close down businesses. There are penalties involved if your organization is considered a "Covered Entity" or other similar title and you fail to meet the requirements, if not specifically exempted by some privilege which you must prove in documentation. 

We will gladly meet with your business to build the core requirements plus help advance your organization to meet ever evolving cyber threats that can destroy your business.  Contact us for an interview appointment via our online link, or call the number at the top or bottom of our page.