Some Customized Training services we provide

Cloud Storage Security TRAINING

It's in the cloud, its safe! or is it? Hackers don't think so. 

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Password Security TRAINING

Passwords are unfortunately not going away for a while still yet.

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Personal Security Habits TRAINING

Sometimes, personal habits need to be addressed.

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Physical Security TRAINING

"Can you hold the door for me please? I have an appointment!"

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Data Security Awareness TRAINING

Ever had an employee send out a personal device picture of PHI?

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Website & Email Security Use TRAINING

What is XSS and XSRF? Should your employees be aware?

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About the services we provide


We customize training for your organization to meet your organization needs while meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements. Minimum requirement compliance is NOT enough. We will demonstrate our claim, minimum is simply NOT enough!

Executive Advisory

Regulatory Requirement! We're not trying to bully in, this is a requirement of most regulatory programs, to have IT and Security Oversight under separation of duties.

Payment Options

We offer a la carte, retainer modeled services.  A security, oversight, and governance assistance most practically needs some interaction with your organization at least once per month; the total hour volume can be measured and adjusted based on your company size, risk exposure, number of employees, and your assessment risk score that is determined.

Trial Run?

We will gladly meet with you on a discovery call; simply schedule a meeting at your convenience and you can interview us. We'll show you the requirements you may be subjected to, as simple as it is for a CPA to show you, you must file your tax returns. Cybersecurity really is not that complicated, its just in that zone of avoidance due to fear or a lack of understanding; that's where we come in as your expert to help you without unnecessary expenditures.

plans and pricing

Security training

as low as $1

/ per month/employee

  • Customized Program
  •   Remote & Onsite Training
  • Breach Check Training
  • Password Hygiene Training
  • YOUR Critical Need Training

Fractional CISO


/ per month

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Up to 24/7 On Call
  • Remote & Onsite Administration
  • Scheduled Briefings & Meetings
  • Compliance Readiness