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Human error is the largest contributor to today's cyber-vulnerabilities and attacks. Infosec Check empowers everyone in an organization from the CEO to the service contractors allowed on premises used by your company.

Infosec Check provides virtual CSO or virtual CISO contracted services at the topmost level. Our C-Suite relationship starts with core needed process: Policies & Procedures that are necessary for all organizations and those under specific regulatory requirements.

We make Cybersecurity do-able starting with FREE Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Training that is engaging and useful.

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What is Infosec?

Technical military abbreviation "jargon" representing "Information Security."

"Information Security is aimed at protecting your company's information [assets] from any type of threat, digital or not." ~

"Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks."


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How is my company at risk? 

Customer Data Makes YOU Valuable to a Criminal

Stored customer or client data elevates the risk for your organization and makes you MORE prone to attack. All DATA is valuable to Cyber Criminals either by keeping you from legitimately having access to your data, or illegally selling your stolen data.

+90% of Data Breaches come from Human Error

+60% of cyber criminals say email is their attack "vector" of choice, why? It is the easiest vector of attack!  Employees may not suspect a login request, a download order, or an email from "the boss." Cyber criminals don't attack the IT department territory, they go after the weaker easier broken links.

Password Recycling, Change Policy Workarounds: An "epidemic."

Security protections are in place for a very good reason. Almost 60% of individuals admit to using the same or very similar password despite knowing that it is a risk and violates company policy. If a breached password is re-used, that login privilege is now known by that employee plus the criminals on the dark web.

The Dark Web cannot be erased!

Once accounts are breached, you need to know so you can take proactive measures quickly!  Without acting, YOU are now much more a part of the risk.

Employee Vulnerability Assessment

An employee vulnerability assessment helps employees to improve their own lives as well as that of the organization. Employee vulnerability assessments serve a similar role of regulatory requirements but instead of punishment or consequences, we use gamification process that encourages employee engagement. This methodology is effective, especially if the C-Suite gets involved with employees.

  1. With analytical tools, you will be able to see which windows are "open", which doors are "unlocked" or "ajar" with an Employee Secure Score, where you can choose to dedicate a little prevention or encouragement to up the game for them and for your organization.
  • Quick, easy to understand videos and quizzes that go directly to employees with scores that are visible to the employee so they can see how they are doing.
  • Continuous dark web monitoring for business email accounts; Our system keeps on looking for credential breaches for your company while also allowing employees to check their personal email accounts for breaches.
  • Automatic Phishing let's our system and process work with your and for you so you engage, take action and set goals throughout the year!
  • Policy Acknowledgement is a critical piece for their awareness and YOUR organizational protection - we help with many of your own custom policies, procedures and employee handbook acknowledgement processes as well.
Common Mistaken Objections
"Our IT Department takes care of that."

IT departments are usually inundated with IT Availability responsibilities on a daily basis. Having the IT Department also responsible for Security, Oversight, and Governance is unrealistic and also a regulatory requirement violation.

"We have Firewalls and Spam Filters."

Firewalls and SPAM filters are not a complete solution, 1) because hackers do not attack the security gates head on and 2) when was the last time you analyzed the log files of your appliances?

Infosec Check Features
Annual Training
Our online security awareness (No reruns!) course, <1 Hour, pause & resume, knowledge assessment, & Digital Certificate
Dark Web Monitoring
Are you "always" looking?
We keep active monitors on your information across the Dark Web

Personal email DW scanning
Help your employees learn to be secure while they are at home and before they come to work!
Weekly "Fresh" Mini-Trainings
Yesteryear's security breach is old news. Learn something useful and up to date!

Mini-Briefs  in less than 3 Minutes average


Phishing Simulations

Unlimited Phishing Simulations.  Phishing is the most commonly used attack! Continuous Training, Assessing & Coaching is advised!

Vulnerability Assessments
The first "rule" of security is to continuously assess & find the new risks. Software vulnerabilities are always being discovered!
Policies & Procedures

An audit critical item for multiple regulatory compliance rules; as is documented employee acceptance & understanding.

Table top simulations
Table top simulations are held across many industries and organizations to test strategic plans & incident response team readiness.
Fractional vCSO / vCISO

Certain organizations are required by regulations and administrative code to have a designated Security Officer Oversight.

Cyber Liability Insurance GUIDANCE

When did you last look?

Get ready for 2022 insurance rate adjustments or "non-renewals"!

Insurance companies are being forced to reconsider their contracts when it comes to cyber-risks and cyber-attacks. In the insurance industry, this adjustment phase is called "experience" whereby data is collected and analyzed which includes a host of risk factors, the success of remediation and all sorts of other jargon and technical wording that contracts are quite famous for containing and customers are trusting to simply sign off. 

With Infosec Check vCSO/vCISO services, we have agents that maintain state requirement training to be licensed insurance agents plus have completed the continuing education hours specifically for Cyber-Liability Insurance. We DO NOT Sell Insurance nor provide the coverage because "an agent is an agent" of the Insurance Company by law! 

We advocate for our clients from assessment to properly outline the needed insurance coverage from your chosen insurance broker.

Infosec Check works for you!

Getting Started Plans

If you have more than 20 but less than 100 employees, please proceed with your order.

For more than 100 employees, please contact us.

Credit Card Processing Industry

Retail, Restaurants, Boutique


Per Month - No Contract

  • 1-20 Employees
  • Annual Training + Weekly Mini Trainings
  • Self-Administered Security Risk Assessment
  • HR Policies & Procedures Dashboard
  • Fractional vCSO/vCISO Service

DoD Contractors

DoD 8140/8570 Core Requirements


Per Month - No Contract

  • 1-20 Employees
  • Annual Training + Weekly Video Mini Training
  • Annual Risk Assessments
  • NIST RMF Policies & Procedures Guidance
  • Fractional vCSO/vCISO Service

HIPAA Covered entities

For Clinics, Pharmacies, Dentists, etc.


Per Month - No Contract

  • 1-20 Employees
  • Annual Training + Weekly Mini Training
  • Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • HIPAA Mandated Policies & Procedures
  • Fractional vCSO/vCISO Service

Annual Cybersecurity
Awareness Training


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  • FREE Video Training Program
  • FREE Email Support
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Penetration Testing

When You Must Test!


Plans Vary Based On Need

  • Tabletop Exercise Testing - War Games
  • Ongoing and/or One-Time Missions
  • Weakness Assessment Penetration Testing
  • Information Technology or Physical Plant
  • Subcontracted Extreme Expertise
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virtual CSO/CISO

Contracted - Billable Hours


Plans Vary Based On Need

  • Billable Hours Per Month
  • On Site Visits & Assessments
  • Policies & Procedures Development
  • Company Posture Development
  • Monthly Executive Briefing Sessions
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