Raising the Bar in Cybersecurity Awareness and Information Security

Infosec Check helps every business size: from small to enterprise size organizations to properly addressing security risk awareness and threat mitigation.

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Infosec Check serves as an awareness checkpoint for business and individuals

to check their information security awareness against best practices and authoritative guidelines.


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The first step to the process - take a quick quiz that provides a small piece of insight to the process of information security awareness, corporate IT policies and training programs designed to help your business.

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After you complete the quiz, complete a confidential feedback session to determine your posture, MainBoard Consulting is ready to serve your ongoing security needs. Schedule an engagement here.

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Infosec Check Framework (NIST Cybersecurity Framework)


Helping you find what you need to protect in the first step.  Do you have all connections inventoried? 


Up next is to protect what's in place. Developing a proper strategy to secure existing vulnerabilities, protect the ongoing operations and keep up to date with those standards.


How do you know when something is wrong when the tactics used by the criminal include evasion?  Your expert or your employee needs to be trained to think like the criminal, your  tools, countermeasures and systems need to be able to help you identify when you are under attack.


Don't panic when an alert goes off.  This process consists of proper planning, communication, and a procedural guidelines strategic execution to help mitigate the problem. 


Get back to business, mitigate the losses and figure out what you could have done better, test and implement.  There is no perfect secure system, process or expert that can keep you perfectly protected, it simply doesn't exist yet.  So, we do what is best and plan for when it happens.