Too many business owners attempt to operate a business on the hope that an attack will not happen when it is no longer "if but when". Infosec Check was formed to help every business, ever size from one person shops, small businesses and up with addressing security needs, risk awareness, and threat mitigation.

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FREE survey & Discovery Call 

The first step to the process confidentiality agreements and to take a high level assessment. Click to request our initial survey based on a brief set of qualifier questions to guide us to offering you the more industry specific and appropriate survey.

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confidential feedback

After you complete the appropriate survey regarding your business, you are welcome to proceed to the next free step by scheduling a confidential feedback call to discuss your own findings and learn more about how Infosec Check can help your business.

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After you have had time to think over our prior engagements, we may be the fit for your organization for ongoing consulting and assistance. This link schedules you for becoming a paying client whether a one time service or ongoing service.

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Infosec Check Services

Infosec Check Cybersecurity Advisory Services are made to fit ALL Business Sizes in Information Security needs and regulatory requirements. There are plenty of options to choose in the scope and length of services, but we believe the following elements will benefit ALL small to medium businesses.

Preventive Strategy

Guiding executives across business function and IT, Infosec Check helps identify business risks before they turn into a disaster by lining up our security strategy with your business objectives and technology.

Evaluation and Assessment

We have developed processes and technologies from a security governance perspective which help streamline the set of actions that help manage your information security. Our evaluation and assessments include interviews with stakeholders across all your teams as well as gathering documentation and robust reviews on a variety of aspects, including information asset management, acceptable use policies, data classification, threat and vulnerability management and third party management.

Ongoing Support

Based on the assessment findings, our virtual CISO (vCISO) provides various types of support including developing policies and procedures to close gaps in documentation, creating a remediation plan with actionable prioritized recommendations, and implementing the remediation plan with strategic guidance which will assists you in maintaining long-term goals.

Security By Design

For startup organizations, we can provide the necessary guidance that includes multiple security protections and sound business planning to grow your business from the start and build a culture of cyber readiness.

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