Cyber Security Awareness

90% of the problem with hacking and ransom can be addressed with this concept.

Networking & Security Oversight

Simply plugging up and forgetting is a problem. Oversight is our value to you.

Managed for you

The tools needed to keep you secure, or done for you.


"Cybersecurity" Starts with assessing where you are now...

preparing for when...

knowledge is key, Awareness, Versatility, adaptation are essential.

Computer and Network Security indeed involves updated and lifecycle management by your IT Department that handles the "A" of the C.I.A. Triad.

  • Executive Officer & Board of Directors Liaison
  • Certified IT Governance and Oversight Experts
  • Regulatory Requirement Adaptable: HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLB, CMMC, ISO, FFIEC, and more.
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Where we serve

Guidance you need from...

Our Fractional or Virtual CISO roles provide you a Security, Oversight and Governance expert advisor from anywhere you are.  We serve clients where our clients need.

Our experts can work remote! If your organization is capable and willing to use virtual conferencing systems and remote access, this provides you the cost and time savings.

Our experts can travel to your site and in some cases the situation requires such. With a properly STARTED program, proper planning, proper execution, keeping onsite to a minimum need is the objective for your cost and time savings benefit.

Providing for our clients' needs to the specifications and limits required under regulatory requirements is our goal with your interest in mind.  We develop the program to meet regulatory requirements and guide you through best practices to stay abreast of the current risks that regulations may not have addressed today. 


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